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Private Workshops

Everything that you need for an unforgettable and fun evening. You can choose from a variety of workshops ether Cocktails or Gin tasting meeting (that we can personalize for you). The workshops are given by an alcohol expert, so professionalism is assured!

  • Cocktail Workshop - here you will get a basic knowledge on how to make a cocktail and you will make one yourself! Fun session of cocktails and laughter is promised.

  • Mixology Workshop - here we will dive deeper into how to "invent" your own cocktails, how to make homemade syrups and what should you do to twink the cocktail in the perfect way that you prefer! and you will get the chance to invent one and try it out!

  • Gin&Tonic Workshop - here you will taste and try out 5 different types of Gin with 4 different types of Tonic and get explained about all the differences between them. Not forgetting the history and the fun facts about Gin.

Shake the most famous cocktails, learn new tricks and secrets from the industry, make amazing mixed drinks and enter a world of quality beverages (because if you drink then do it with style). Learn the secrets of Mixology.  All of our workshops are private and will be adjusted for specifically just for you.
The workshops fit every event from birthdays to bachelor(ette) parties and will promise you an evening that you will never forget.
We will take care of all the equipment and a nice gift to the owner of the party - all you need to do is enjoy.

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